Finding the Right Stores to Visit

Big Box Store or Mom and Pop

One of the questions most people ask themselves when deciding where to buy their furniture from is if they should go to the big box stores, or if they should go to a mom and pop. Do you get better discounts at Big Furniture Stores that do national advertising? Or do you get better discounts at a small family owned furniture store that needs your business? It depends when you go! If you go when there’s major sales going on then you’re going to get the best deals at the big stores. But if you’re shopping and can’t wait til the next big Holiday, then you’re better of looking for a bargain with an owner operator.

Online or In Store

Big debate is going on about the future of shopping for furniture. The internet is massively changing the way people shop. is probably the biggest online furniture company but they opened the door for so many others now to compete especially now that Amazon is allowing stores to sell on their marketplace. Even though it is convenient, online furniture shopping can be frustrating for many and there are still limitations to how big the furniture is. Some companies are biting the bullet and paying the extremely high fees to transfer furniture throughout the country but that isn’t sustainable until logistics improve.

Travel to a Destination Furniture Store

If you’re serious about your furniture shopping, then you may decide to travel across the country or some travel to other countries believe it or not! Wealthy people will do whatever it takes to get the things they want so whether they travel themselves or send someone to shop for them, it’s certainly not a stretch for a prince in Dubai to visit furniture stores in Miami. On a more common note, celebrities and famous people usually travel to visit furniture stores in Miami, New York, and Italy.



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Happy Shopping!!!


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